Why Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life Difference

Looking for a Christ-centered education with a history of excellence?

Tree of Life Christian Schools may be your answer. For 35 years, Tree of Life has been providing a quality education for students looking for a better school experience.

"The search for belonging is part of what it means for humans to be created in the image of God. People need each other. We are relational beings. We not only want to belong, we only come to a true understanding of who we are in our relationship with God and with other people. We must belong to be fully alive." From Practicing Greatness, by Reggie McNeal.

At Tree of Life, part of our Mission Statement emphasizes our desire to disciple our students in Christ, and one way we do that is through the promotion of community and belonging. Using Christ's example with His disciples we believe that you influence and impact the lives of others through relationships. As part of our programs, students are able to experience that sense of belonging through class events, chapels, retreats, service projects, mission trips, athletics, fine arts, and many other aspects of student life.
Uniquely Christian
Tree of Life is a non-denominational Christian school - meaning that even though it has sponsoring churches, Tree of Life is not operated by any other religious organization. This allows Tree of Life to operate freely and to develop Biblical curriculum solely from God's Word.

With students coming from over 110 different churches, Tree of Life values its Christian diversity.
Uniquely Diverse
Tree of Life values diversity as an important part of an education centered on Christ.
At 33% diversity and with students coming from multiple nationalities and over 110 churches, Tree of Life sees its diversity as a true reflection on the Kingdom of God.
Difference in Academics
Tree of Life strives to maintain a high level of academics through every grade level and subject. All of our standards meet or exceed state requirements.

Tree of Life is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and AdvancED - a part of The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).

Tree of Life is dedicated to continually keeping a high-level of accreditation. Maintaining accreditation allows students and parents the assurance of excellence.

Tree of Life Students are consistently awarded with academic honors and scholarships from a variety of organizations - including 29 National Merit Awards.

Advanced Placement Courses

  • 23 AP Scholars
  • 5 AP Scholars with Honors
  • 4 AP Scholars with distinction
  • 97% of AP Students Received College Credit

Graduation Statistics

  • Average Credits at Graduation: 27.1
  • Average Attending College: 99%
  • ACT Composite Score: 24.2
Difference in Staff
Tree of Life employs a staff of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. In the classroom we are blessed with excellent teachers who have a passion for Christ, education, and students. We believe that academic excellence is a by-product of a Christ-centered education and our teacher's model their faith daily.

At Tree of Life we want our students to grow in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God, and in favor with man (Luke 2:52), and we believe this begins with staff members who live out Christ in their lives.

Difference in Innovation
Tree of Life is proud to be a leader in technology among Christian schools. Tree continues to establish a
Culture of Innovation that pushes its students and teachers into the future of education.

Check out our Technology @Tree page for more information.